1. Hi! The link above appears to be broken. Any chance you still have the windows binaries that you could forward or repost?


    1. Hello Justin, sorry, I deleted a file too much as it seems. I reuploaded the windows binary so the link is back to working.

    1. It’s a pretty straight forward command line tool, use it like this:

      qt-faststart INPUTFILE.mp4 OUTPUTFILE.mp4

      1. Thanks so much Malte. I thought I got my hands on a GUI version :D. Maybe asking for too much here..lol.
        Another thing…what if the result appears as “the last part of the file is not a moov atom”? Does that mean the file is already in fast start mode?

        1. QT-Faststart only works if the xmoov atom is at the end of the file. So yes, your file might already be streamable, even though I could see configurations in which the atom might not be accessible. If you have files where qt-faststart doesn’t help you, you could give “mp4box” a shot. That tool can also move the xmoov atom and you can download various GUI’s for it.

    2. I apologize as well but I am also having problems with this. Where would I type this command?

      qt-faststart INPUTFILE.mp4 OUTPUTFILE.mp4

      1. How you do that depends on your Operating system. If you use Windows 7 you would click on start then type


        in the textfield. It will show you a program with a black icon and “c:\” on it, select it and a window will open.

        If you are not comfortable with using a command line interface check out mp4box which has GUI tools.

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